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I won’t attribute this to anyone. Sign of the times. My latest practise session becomes a piece. Enjoy. The Blowhard »

Song No 2, 2020! Nice mix, odd key change, having fun with Logic’s new AI Drummer Tracks. Enjoy! Mindlessly About »

Lockdown is my 22nd collection of Songs in roughly 15 years (with a few of the earlier songs written as »

You thought this blog was dead! I thought so too. In fact, when I finally found need to come back »

And one more……maybe I’m on a roll.  Nice solo here.  Well, I thought so. Tread Ever So Carefully   »

So another brief hiatus.  I don’t get as much time as I once did.  But here’s something new. Electric Symphosia »

One of the reasons for a protracted delay was much life circumstances change….moved home, changed jobs, lots of other cool »

Been a while….and in that time I did do a couple of songs. But didn’t update the site in ages. »

Something new! Been a while…..too busy learning the Saxophone. Make Me Enjoy! »

Something new.  Enjoy.   »

Something new.  Rockier sounding Rythmn guitars (I hope).  Experimented with lots of other soundboards, but in, it was 99% the »

Something new     I’ve also added two more songs to this Album, but missed posting them up for some »