You thought this blog was dead! I thought so too. In fact, when I finally found need to come back and update it, I found it had been down for 6 months with a dead database and no backups…. :—-)

So, Lockdown. We’re in it, and I’m bored. Still, with so much time on my hands, I have found the opportunity to once again start playing and then recording.

Took a while to re-assemble all the equipment in the right order and then a little longer to replace a failed audio unit. Then get a good sound. Then abandon everything and start again. Then again. Then try another sound…..etc etc etc.

My playing isn’t what it was, I need to get back into practise, but I made it a mission to finish this – some of my recordings in the past probably took less than a day, this is cumulatively a couple of weeks of work. So painful….

So here it is:




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