Take What You Need

This collection of songs started into 2015, following a 6 month hiatus, and took over 12 months to complete, which is unusually long (considering I usually do two sets of 10 a year).  “Take What You Need” was created during a fairly miserable point during huge change and upheaval in my personal life – I think it reflects that when i listen back, much is very poor and I’m not altogether surprised.  Finishing it off in April 2016, I’m frankly, glad to see the back of it, though the last song in “Face In The Mirror” seemed to me, to be a bit of a return to form, which reflects where I found myself at that time.
Cover - Take What You Want


Take What You Need (2015)


1. Living and Loving

2. Healing Time

3. Take What You Need

4. Want To Grow Old…

5. Shallow Evil

6. Get A Life

7. Madness Is Killing Me

8. Messing

9. Face In The Mirror


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